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Screensaver on TVs and other devices


Is there any way to set up a screen saver on the Samsung TV or Fire Stick apps? My TV is getting burned in from playing music! Thanks in advance.


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Why would it wreck your tv?

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No there isn’t 

Some TVs are susceptible to burn-in. Pandora has no screensaver. Therefore they should pay to replace all customers televisions.

I use Pandora on my Roku. Roku is always on. The TV is just a display. I set up my music channel on Pandora (on the Roku). Then I turn off my TV. Oh yeah, I forgot, my Roku is hooked up to my AV Stereo. If you’re using your TV as the listening device it work work.😬. Sorry. 

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I gave up and switched to Amazon Music on my Echo devices instead.

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I agree 👎

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Closing the app if the music continues playing is a viable solution. I have a Sony TV which has Android TV built in. When I close the Pandora app the music keeps playing on the Android TV home page which used to annoy me. But per your suggestion, the Sony screensaver activates on this screen. Thank you! 

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