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Screensaver on TVs and other devices

Local Performer

Is there any way to set up a screen saver on the Samsung TV or Fire Stick apps? My TV is getting burned in from playing music! Thanks in advance.


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Local Performer

Why would it wreck your tv?

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Local Performer

No there isn’t 

Some TVs are susceptible to burn-in. Pandora has no screensaver. Therefore they should pay to replace all customers televisions.

I use Pandora on my Roku. Roku is always on. The TV is just a display. I set up my music channel on Pandora (on the Roku). Then I turn off my TV. Oh yeah, I forgot, my Roku is hooked up to my AV Stereo. If you’re using your TV as the listening device it work work.😬. Sorry. 

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Local Performer

I gave up and switched to Amazon Music on my Echo devices instead.

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Local Performer

I agree 👎

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