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Shuffle doesn't play songs from all selected stations

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Iphone 12 pro max, Ipad pro, Windows 10 Home, Echo 1st gen, Echo Plus 2nd gen and Echo Dot 2nd gen. My Pandora stations include everyday listening and holiday listening. From Nov-Jan I select all my holiday stations and shuffle them daily. Then mid-Jan-Oct I switch back and select my other stations and deselect my holiday stations. I enjoy a variety of genres and shuffling my stations had been my preferred way of listening to music. However, this year, 2021 when I edited my shuffle list it shuffles every station I've ever listened to including holiday music. I've edited the list many times and by logging into my account on a variety of devices, nothing I've done has fixed this problem. It doesn't work by voice command or by manually selecting shuffle stations when tapping the toggle. Because of this, I'm no longer listening to pandora often - I'd love to find a solution.

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