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Sonos - Artist top songs


Before installing SONOS in my home I frequently would select TOP SONGS an Artist page on Pandora. I cannot find a way of doing this through SONOS. Any suggestions? A friend says Spotify supports Top Songs through SONOS.

I am still a novice with Pandora through SONOS and believe my options are limited to the following; all based on what I select on the Pandora app:

1. Stations (that I have added to my collection on Pandora app)

2. Playlists (that I created on Pandora)

3. Albums, Songs (same)

4. Artists - I believe this lists the artist I have added to my collection via Pandora app and lists the Artist's station then albums of the artists which I can click and see longs.




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Hi @MRVeale! Welcome to community. 👋

While Top Song is not currently a feature, the best way to get ideas like this heard is by submitting a feature request on Community. There you can search and vote for current feature requests, or submit a new one. 

In the meantime, you can control your Sonos device directly from the Pandora app. To do that, make sure you're connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Sonos device, and open the Pandora app.

You'll see a casting option (a rectangle with diagonal lines) on the Now Playing screen. Tap it to initiate a connection with your Sonos device. Once you've connected successfully, the casting icon will appear filled in, and a new navigation screen (or "device shelf") will appear. This shelf will allow you to edit your Sonos groups, select which devices to play through, or control the volume of your devices.

Just click on Show Group to make edits to the currently playing devices, or Edit to make changes to other groups.

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