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Sonos: Pandora not listed under available service

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I have tried everything and updated both apps and I am not able to even find Pandora on the services list for Sonos. I have even had other people who have Sonos and Pandora on their system. Come over and try it with their phone and they also are not able to find Pandora when they’re here but they’re able to in their own house. Can someone please help me this is driving me crazy . 

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Hi @Krystal4421 

Welcome to community.

If you're having trouble locating Pandora within the Sonos app and Pandora  is not located under Music and Content then I recommend reaching out to Sonos Support for further assistance. Unfortunately, I won't be able to help troubleshoot the Sonos app.

In the meantime, you can cast Pandora to your Sonos. You'll see a casting option (a rectangle with diagonal lines) on the Now Playing screen. Tap it to initiate a connection with your Sonos device. Once you've connected successfully, the casting icon will appear filled in, and a new navigation screen (or "device shelf") will appear. This shelf will allow you to edit your Sonos groups, select which devices to play through, or control the volume of your devices.

Just click on Show Group to make edits to the currently playing devices, or Edit to make changes to other groups.

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