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Sound Leveling

Local Performer

Is there a way to set Pandora to play all songs at the same volume level?  I sometimes get very quiet songs followed by loud songs.  It is very disruptive to have to continually adjust the volume.

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Local Performer

It’s all about the mastering.  Modern music is mastered louder.  Some older recordings are “remastered” louder too.  Just now “Friday I’m in Love” was SIGNIFICANTLY softer than “It’s All Been Done” by Barenaked Ladies.  I love Pandora’s song selections. But having no volume normalization is not acceptable in 2022.  

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Local Performer

How can there be an accepted solution if there is no solution?

Local Performer

It's terrible! My solution is to thumb down anything that is too drastically loud or soft compared to the majority. A lot of otherwise good music is getting thumbed down by me and excluded from my stations.

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Local Performer

is there a way that Pandora can make songs wayyyyyy louder 

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Hey, good luck. They just don't listen. For my music, covering the last
40 years or so, have been recorded at different levels. It seems like my
older stuff is much lower-less volume. I believe for me the difference is
in the original recording levels. Either way, don't expect any results.
Happy Trails to You!