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Stations get deleted when using Amazon Alexa

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I had previously contacted Support, and had my station "Variety" restored, but the next day, it was deleted again.    I did change my password after this. 

I would like to have it restored, and also, how was it deleted?
I typically use  Alexa to listen to the station, is there any way that using this device could delete the station?  or was it someone logging into my account and manually deleting it?


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Could have my "Andrew Lloyd Webber" station restored as well?

As a feature request for your product team (and I'm guessing they get this a lot), it would be great if the stations being auto-deleted were those with the least usage rather than the other way around. It seems like it's the oldest stations getting deleted, but in my case those are also my most used stations.

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Hi @samrbbl! Thanks for the feedback!

I've recovered your 'Andrew Lloyd Webber Radio' station, you should see it in your station list now. 

Enjoy the tunes!

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This is ridiculous. Amazon echo is creating stations, without the users authorization. It creates SO MANY that the user hits the station limit and your response is to blame the user?

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