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Using Voice commands vs. Casting

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When I play my kids bedtime playlist on their Google mini at night it goes to kids learning music after the playlist is over. I would like it to go to bedtime music after.  I open the Google home app on my phone, go to their mini and select open pandora from this place it doesn't open up what's playing on that speaker but rather a new music session for me to listen to on my phone (while theirs continues to play)  so i have no way to thumbs down or skip what's playing on their speaker. 

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Hi @BrittMirles! Thanks for posting.

Sounds like you're using voice commands to start the bedtime playlist on your Google mini. Since the playback session began on Google Mini that's why you aren't able to control playback or thumbs through your phone. Each internet-connected device used to access Pandora receives its own unique stream of personalized music.

I would recommend casting Pandora from your phone to the Google Mini. This way you can queue up a station to play after the playlist has ended. This will also prevent Pandora from going into Auto-Play and give you control over thumbs and skips. (Keep in mind, thumbing is only available on stations.)

As a Pandora Premium listener, you can queue individual songs, albums, playlists or stations to play next.

To add to your queue, either "long press" an item or tap the corresponding ellipsis and then select Add to Queue.

You can view your queue from the Now Playing screen, either below track details (if you're listening to a station) or below the tracklist (if you're listening to an album or playlist).

Keep in mind that if you add a station to your queue, it will play continuously until you manually move to the next item in your queue.

Here are some additional tips:

  •  You can turn the queue feature on or off by using the toggle in the queue section at the bottom of the Now Playing screen. We'll save your added items for later, either way.
  • By default, anything you add to your queue will be added at the end of it. To adjust the order of the items you've added to your queue, hold and drag the "list" icon (on the right of the item's title) and drag it to the desired position.
  • To remove an item from the queue, swipe left on the row and select Delete. (You can also do a long press to reveal the delete option.) To clear all items, scroll to the bottom of your queue and tap Clear queue.
  • When adding playlists or albums, use the ellipsis on the album art to add all items. To add only certain songs, long press the individual track.

Hope this helps.


Tanner | Community Moderator

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