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Xfinity - Activating device

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I have Xfinity and when trying to use Pandora an activation code came up and asked me to enter it in the mobile app to activate my device.  I did that and on my mobile screen it said activation successful, however on the tv, the screen did not change and activate - and actually did the opposite and music stopped playing, so i logged out of my mobile device (thinking it might be a problem with having both open at the same time) but that did not help either.  I then attempted to login using email - entered my info and it said that no user existed under that account (however I logged in online without any issue)  I triple checked that I was using a proper email and password with no typos all was correct.  Again, I had no problem logging in through my mobile or through the web, just on the xfinity platform.  I then worked around by creating a new account under a different email.  It worked and let me create account and listen, but then 1 minute later said that someone else was listening on my account and you can only listen on 1 device at a time - this was a new account that I just created through the xfinity platform, so there was no was I was logged in in 2 places.  Obviously some kind of bug going on with this app.

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Hi @sherall0! Thanks for posting your experience. 

I checked the account that is associated with your community profile and I see an association with an Xfinity device. Looks like it's connected but you weren't able to log into Pandora on your Xfinity device?

Have you tried logging in since? Do you get an error message? Could you take a photo of what you see when you try to log in. You can insert the photo here in your next reply. 

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