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Xfinity: Longer songs cut out

Local Performer

I used to have Cox cable and the Pandora app always stopped songs after a length of 5 or 6 minutes. I would have to press the forward key to continue to the next song.  We purchased a Roku several months ago and the issues disappeared until last week!  Now having the same problem with long songs stopping after 5 or 6 minutes.  So frustrating!  Have rebooted/reset Roku and updated it as well.  Seems that it's not a Roku issue since I was having the same problem with Cox.  I only use Pandora on the TV and not my computer or phone, so don't know if those devices have the same issue.  Thanks for your help!

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Local Performer

I'm having the same problem on my TV (Xfinity). The song just cuts off and goes to the next track. 

No message. Started a couple weeks ago.  Highly annoying.


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