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Ad Feedback - Controversial Ad

Local Performer

I have just started hearing ads from Mike Lindell on your platform....therefore I will be removing Pandora from all of my devices and choose another platform. I will also share this information with my social media followers. To say it is a poor choice to allow his ads on Pandora is an understatement!  Allowing a conspiracy theorist to advertise with you just shows where your support is and I will be sure to share this with my social media followers! 

Please don't respond with "Pandora does not represent an endorsement of any kind on our part. We realize the prominent placement of many of our ads may give the impression that Pandora somehow endorses the product, issue, candidate, etc. but we do not." because that excuse is almost as bad as allowing his advertisements!

Wake up Pandora!

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Local Performer

I was going to renew my subscription until I heard an ad by My Pillow Guy.  
sorry.  I’m out.  I’ll see what Spotify has going on. 

Local Performer

Wondering why Pandora is still airing ads from Mike Lindell?  Really?  The guy participated in the greatest lie/conspiracy theory told to the American people.  Come on Pandora......please do better.   

Local Performer

Truth! In addition to his business crashing into oblivion!

Local Performer

AGREE!! I just logged in to send a comment for the first time and saw your post. We just turned Pandora off after hearing that complete nut blathering on. Spotify for holiday gifts for my family. 

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Local Performer

I agree, this ad is making me nuts. Why on earth would it need to be racially-coded at all? Come on, Tide?!

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