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Ad that rings my phone

Local Performer

This will stop or I see a cold shoulder 

Turned to this app

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@Stimpy I'm happy to look into this for you, but I'll need a bit more information first. Could you tell me a little more?

Please include as much of the below information as possible:

  1. What was the ad for? Do you remember the brand, product, event or website name?
  2. Do you remember anything specific that was said or mentioned in the ad that played?
  3. How are you accessing Pandora? Are you on a computer, phone, tablet or in-home device (TV, Xbox, Blu-ray player, etc.)?
  4. Was it a visual ad, an audio ad, or a video ad with audio?
  5. Which of your station(s) did you hear/see it on?
  6. What day did this advertisement play?

If you're able to get a screenshot of what's happening, please send that along as well.

Once I have more information about the ad, I can pass it along to our advertising team.

We really appreciate your help with this! 

Adam | Community Moderator

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