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Cancelling nephew's subscription

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For at least three years in the past, I have paid for my nephew's Pandora Plus subscription. It again renewed automatically via my PayPal on 10/3/19, but this year he requested I cancel his account as he no longer uses it. I paid for the account, and he listened to it. I do have his Pandora login information, but when I log in with his profile and go to the Subscription page under his account, I don't get an option to cancel, just to upgrade. I contacted PayPal and they said I have to go thru Pandora for the refund. Please advise...thank you.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@aklittle13 Our support team has confirmed with me that they will be contacting you directly via email.

Please keep an eye out for their message, and they will be happy to look into this further with you.

Hope we continue to see you around the community! 

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