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Thank whomever sent an email for this mess...But nothing shared, all the links to pandora ...Even"Contact us directly", do not work!! They all have more froms to fill out... And if not filled correctly, rejects and asks again. Never seen such lousy online help links!

I've loaded my own art website for the past 18 years, thus I have some experience for online loading, etc.  I have never tried to work with any website, that was so user un-friendly, as pandora!

I purchased the monthly premium...You would think the company would send a thank you email...And an icon to use with that acknowledgement! So simple for them to do...You might pass that idea onto the tech group!!

So far, I've wasted about 2 hours trying to get the icon, so I  can automatically connect to my paid subscription for pandora premium! Not one of their links helped fix that!!

P.S. And now...Can't get this sent...Tried 5 times, each time one more thing I did wrong, and need to refill!!  Now  you are blocking me! Hello...Why not make this user friendly!!!

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@bbillups42 It sounds like you are looking for a Pandora app to download on your device.

What is the make and model of the device you are using to stream Pandora?

Let me know.

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