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Issues Upgrading Pandora from Android

Local Performer

I keep trying to upgrade my service as I have had a subscription for some time, however, pandora keeps trying to link to another google account on my phone rather than the account I want it to link to. I don't know why Pandora keeps trying to link to this other account and I've tried making sure that all my google accounts on my device are using the account I want Pandora to access., i.e google play, home, etc. Nothing has worked and I cannot upgrade

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@buzzmccoy If you are running into issues, I recommend you try upgrading directly through the Pandora website instead. 

You can upgrade here.

If you'd still prefer to upgrade through Google Play, then you will need to contact the Google Play support team directly for further assistance. They should be able to help get your subscription set up on the correct account.

You can get in touch with the Google Play support team here. 

Hope we continue to see you around the community! 🎶


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