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Paid for but not receiving premium

Local Performer

I was charged for this month on my premium account. I recently canceled the account but my information from google play states I have premium available until 1/11/20.

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Hi @Johnramer487 thanks for posting to community!

I checked your account and it looks like you are upgraded to Pandora Plus, not Premium. 

Digging a little deeper, I see that you signed up for a 30-day trial subscription of Pandora Premium on 7/19/2019, however when the trial ended your account was automatically transitoned back into the free ad-supported version of Pandora.

Then on 10/11/2019 your account was upgraded to Pandora Plus through Google Play, which is your current subscription. I can also confirm that you have cancelled your subscription through Google Play and it will remain active until 1/11/2019. 

Hope this helped to explain. 

Tanner | Community Moderator

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