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Sent Premium Family invites to wrong email

Local Performer

I used the wrong email address for my 5 family members. How do I change and what are my selection supposed to do when they receive the invite

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@zita4zita No worries - you can always send new invites to the correct email addresses.

To invite someone to your family plan:

  1. Make sure you're logged in with your master account (the one you used to upgrade to Premium Family);
  2. Visit the Subscription section of the account.
  3. Select Manage Family to view the main family plan management page;
  4. Send a family plan invite to an email address your family member can access, even if it's different from the email address on their Pandora account. (They'll be able to enter the login information for their Pandora account later, even if its under a different email.)
  5. Have them open the invite email, and follow the prompts to add their Pandora account to your family plan.

I hope this helps.

Adam | Community Moderator

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