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Streaming Pandora in a business setting

Local Performer

My Company purchased the  Onkyo Tx-NR545 AV Receiver to have music stream in the shop, but we are having a problem with listening to Pandora music all day. We used to be able to listen to Pandora all day but now we keep getting a message after it plays one song then plays for approximately hour then asks us again " are we listening" this is very frustrating and we also used to pass up certain songs and now that tells us we have reached our limit. Will we haven't been able to skip a song in 2 years so how can we reached our limit?  Pandora needs to fix these problems. 


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@Teresa460 Nice to see you around the Community. 👋🏽

It sounds like you're using Pandora to play music in a public setting (which is not considered personal use).

If so, we have a solution for you. Pandora is available and optimized for use in settings like these through Mood Media, with features like unlimited listening (the "Are you still listening message" won't pop up, no advertising, and a media player that can connect to your existing sound system.

Additionally, due to the terms of our music licenses, the consumer version of the Pandora service (including Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium) cannot legally be used to play music in a commercial or public setting. Any Pandora listening that isn't personal and private, even for non-profit or tax exempt organizations, must be properly licensed through Mood Media, which fairly compensates artists, authors, composers, publishers and other rightsholders.

Use of Pandora in these settings is available only via hardware sold by Mood Media. To learn more or sign up, click here.

Hope this helps! 😎

Adam | Community Moderator

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