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Switch to AT&T Unlimited Plus while on Apple sub

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A pandora premium subscription is included in my wireless plan but I have an existing pandora account with a plus subscription through itunes which I have already cancelled. How do I add the ATT subscription to my current account? 


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@madhu969 Nice to see you around the community 👋🏽

AT&T Unlimited Plus customers can select Pandora Premium as a free subscription add-on.

However, that offer is only available to Pandora accounts that are set to our free service. Existing Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium subscribers will need to cancel their current subscription before becoming eligible for this offer.

You can use the steps provided here to cancel your current subscription and return to our free service. Once you have canceled your subscription and it has expired, (which will be obvious because you'll begin to hear ads again) you can contact AT&T's support team directly for more help upgrading to this promotion.

Hope this helps! 

Adam | Community Moderator

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