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Tips for Pandora Premium

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Long time pandora user. I use the app a surprising amount hours weekly. I listen to music and podcasts. Literally every single person I know he’s a Spotify and tells me that I’m strange for using Pandora but I just like it better I’ve even had Spotify premium and for some reason just couldn’t get the hang of it. (My only complaint is that There have been both songs and podcasts I looked for and Pandora doesn’t have them while Spotify does) 

I think I just like the interface better of Pandora and I would love to get the most out of it. 

What are some tips and tricks that you think I may not know that I need to know about. Literally anything you found useful or convenient in the app….?

Thanks in advance 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@ali_mcc Nice to see you around the Community. 👋🏽

Missing songs or podcasts on Pandora:

While we may not initially have a particular song or podcast you are looking for in our catalog, we are always looking for new suggestions.

Feel free to post to either of these threads with your recommendations, and we'll be happy to pass that feedback along to the team who manages our collection:


Tips and tricks for Pandora Premium:

Here are some of my favorite things about Pandora Premium:

Artist Only mode with Radio stations:

Artist Only mode does exactly what it implies: plays only songs by the artist you used to seed your station (unless you've added variety to your station, in which case it will play tracks from those artists as well). This mode will only be available on some stations.

Due to licensing requirements, Artist Only mode requires a Pandora Premium subscription or complimentary Pandora Premium Session. Free listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers can activate a temporary and complimentary session of Pandora Premium by viewing an advertisement.

Your Thumbs will function normally in this mode.

For You tab:

If you are looking for something new or want personalized recommendations, you can browse our content following these steps, you can find For You in the bottom navigation bar on the home screen of our mobile app.

I use this feature regularly to find new songs/albums/playlists to add to my collection.

Ability to create customized playlists:

With this level of subscription, you also have the ability to create custom playlists where you can pick and choose what songs you want to listen to during your listening session.

For instructions on how you can create new playlists, check out the accepted solution to this thread: How to create a new playlist

Lastly, you can always scroll through our Introduce Yourself thread - a lot of our members tend to share what their favorite features of the service are.

Hopefully this is a good start, however feel free to reach out if you have any other specific questions. 🤝

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