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App stops playing music on Apple Watch SE

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I am using my watch (Apple Watch SE) to listen to music in an area where I can’t have my cell phone near by.  The application will go to a ‘paused’ state after a random number of songs have played.  

Sometimes it plays for an hour, sometimes it stops after one song, and sometimes it stops after one advertisements.  

This wouldn’t be a big problem except I have to wear gloves and the watch won’t respond with the gloves on so I can’t navigate the menu until I take a break.

I am using an iPhone XR with Verizon wireless with my iPod pros.  

Any way to keep it from going into a paused state?  


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@nmjeffery Thanks for writing, and sorry to hear you're having trouble.

First, please note that you'll need to keep your offline content downloaded on your iPhone within the Pandora appIf your offline content is removed from the Pandora app on your phone, it will be automatically removed from your Apple Watch.

If that does not appear to be the issue, is it possible that this might be happening because there is not enough storage on your Apple Watch?

To check how much space is available on your Apple Watch, from your iPhone go to the Watch app then General > About > Available. Let me know what you see.

If it doesn't appear to be storage related, please do the following to reset the download process on your Apple Watch:

  • Power off and restart your iPhone and Apple Watch.
  • Confirm your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected via Bluetooth and to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Allow Pandora to refresh in background (Watch app on iPhone > General > Background App Refresh).
  • Dock your Apple Watch on its charger.

If the issue continues after waiting some time for the download process to begin, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Pandora app using the Watch app on your iPhone. To do that:

  1. Go to the Watch app on iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and find Pandora.
  3. Tap Pandora and then disable the Show App on Apple Watch toggle.
  4. Finally, switch the toggle back on to begin reinstalling the app.

If the issue continues, could you provide me with a bit more information about your devices?

  1. What iPhone model do you have?
  2. What version is your Apple Watch on? (Open the Watch app on your phone and go to General > AboutVersion)

Let me know how it goes.

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