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Can’t see songs in playlist by Pandora

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version 2405.1  on iPhone 

if I play a playlist by Pandora, such as 70s rock radio, I can’t see the songs in the playlist. Are used to be able to do this. I’m quite certain of it.  Did Pandora dumb down or am I missing something obvious?

swiping any direction doesn’t work. Neither does touching the big icon


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Hi @tsnider1520 

You won't be able to see the upcoming song list when listening to Pandora Radio Stations. It acts very much like radio found in the car and provides a similar experience. Pandora relies on your feedback, through thumbs, to adjust your personalized stream.

You can view your listening history from your current listening session. For example, if you've been listening for awhile on your mobile device, from the Now Playing screen, you can swipe from left to right to see the songs that just played.


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