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iOS: Alarm Clock Feature Not Working

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I’ve been using the alarm clock feature for years. It worked just fine over the weekend, but this morning I overslept. When I got back from work I’ve tried to set the alarm again multiple times, but it just won’t go off. I get the screen showing the alarm is set, but then the set time comes around, nothing happens. I’ve tried via data, and I’ve tried being on Wi-Fi, neither worked. I didn’t see any available updates for either pandora nor iOS.  please help! 

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This problem first came up on Wednesday, after Apple released an operating system update for iPads that I downloaded; Pandora had been working for a little bit with this update. I just got the alarm working again by closing the app and restarting it.

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Thanks everyone. I got it to work again with one of the prior updates a month after this port. No need to share a solution anymore but thanks for the consideration.