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iOS: Music Sounds Like a Scratched CD

Local Performer

the music sounds like a scratched CD. I changed resolutions from standard to high, tried updating and shutting down app and phone, but nothing works. Def not paying for premium to not listen to music. How is this fixed?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Ccbejarano27 Thanks for sharing your experience on the Community.

To clarify:

  1. Does this happen with listening to your regular radio stations or when playing individual tracks on demand?
  2. Do you notice this happening with specific songs?


In the meantime, I've enabled a trace on your account to help us better understand what's happening.

For this trace to be useful, we'll need you to run through our standard troubleshooting steps once more: 
Troubleshooting for iOS Devices

Let me know how it goes.

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Local Performer
It happens mostly to my custom made playlist, and once it starts it happens to every song.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for following up, @Ccbejarano27.

To clarify, were you also able to run through those troubleshooting steps?

If so, I would like to report this issue to our engineers. Could you tell me more about your device?

  • Device & Generation: (e.g. iPhone X, iPad Air (3rd gen), etc.)
  • Carrier:
  • iOS version: (Settings > General > About > Version)
  • Pandora version: (Pandora > Profile tab > Settings gear & scroll to the bottom of the screen)

Are you connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data when this is happening?

Have you identified any other patterns or notable information?

Thanks for your help with this.

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I solved this problem on my end. Perhaps it will help others.

This problem happens on my desktop only. When I use Firefox on my PC to listen. I have a dual boot machine and it was not happening on Windows 10 - Firefox. Only when I was using Linux Mint 19.2.

I thought this was the issue, and there could still be something going on with the OS, but this morning I solved this issue with closing browser tabs in Firefox while Pandora was running. After closing about 5 tabs out of 30+ it cleared up.

I have 32GB of memory but by all appearances this does not seem to be enough to cache all of these browser pages and run Pandora smoothly. When using Firefox in Windows 10, I did not have as many tabs open. Hope this info helps others. Good luck.