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iOS: Same song repeats over and over again


I have the same challenge!  I love pandora and all but every time I select a song it automatically plays it over and over again. I can turn it off manually, but when I relaunch it automatically goes back to repeating. 

I have an iPhone 13. 

No error messages. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@billkappenhagen I moved your post over to the iOS space.

Can you please confirm the repeat track icon isn't highlighted on the now playing screen when this happens?

The icon should look like this if you don't want the song to repeat:


Let me know.

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The repeat icon is highlighted. It automatically is pressed when I select a
song I want to hear. I can press it to turn it off but I have to do that
after each song I want to hear. It only does it when I play a specific
song, not playlists.

Many thanks,

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