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iOS: Unable to Listen to Pandora Abroad with VPN

Local Performer


I'm not in the USA now, so I need to use VPN to connect to USA to listen, and it works for many many years.

However, last Thursday, when I open my Pandora app as usually, it shows: This station is not currently available. Please choose another station instead.I've tried so many stations such as Love songs, relax, piano, etc. BUT IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!!! I CANNOT PLAY ANY STATION IN PANDORA APP.

ok, maybe something wrong with the app, so I've try on my Macbook pro with the latest version, and again, I sign in my account and it shows: We're sorry, but we can't find any more music to play on your station right now. Try switching stations.


mod edit: changed title for clarity


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @piscestina. 👋

Thanks for posting about this, and sorry for any confusion. I do see that you were also in touch with a member of our support team via email recently. Unfortunately, using a VPN while trying to stream Pandora is not currently supported.

Pandora Internationally + Traveling:

We can only legally offer Pandora services to listeners located in the United States at this time. This applies equally to free and paid accounts, as well as Pandora on all computers and supported devices, including offline.

That said, if you are a Pandora Plus or Premium subscriber, you will be able to play your downloaded music while traveling outside of the country temporarily. Please note you will need to download your offline content prior to leaving our service area.

Android users must also manually set the Pandora app to offline mode before leaving.

Also, your offline collection will be removed if you uninstall or sign out of the Pandora app, or if you are unable to re-establish a connection with Pandora via a Wi-Fi or mobile network within 30 days.

Keep in mind Premium subscribers can download Stations, Playlists, albums and songs for offline listening and Plus subscribers will be limited to only four stations.


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