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Playlist Challenge: "____ Jazz"


Hey all,

Have you had a chance to read @MichellePandora's new blog post International Jazz Day?

It's a wonderful reflection on the mammoth genre from Michelle, Pandora’s Head of Jazz Programming, who also happens to be a regular in the monthly AMP webinars (PS. have you gone to a webinar yet? RSVP for one here).

Jazz is such an important genre that I thought we had to do a playlist challenge!

Using your AMP tools, I am challenging my fellow Pandora for Creators community members to make a playlist highlight a specific type of Jazz or an overarching theme to tie your song selection together. If you are a Jazz musician yourself (or have some Jazz-related songs) I would also highly encourage you to include a song or two that you have done.

I made one titled "Cosmic Funk Jazz". It highlights some otherworldly instrumentation and lots of funky backbeats.

If you need a recap on how to create a Playlist in AMP, check out the AMP Playbook here. You will find the "ADDING TRACKS TO YOUR PLAYLIST" section about halfway down the page.

For bonus points, include a Voice Track in your playlist to introduce a song or discuss why you included it.

Once you have created the playlist, post it in this thread! Also, be sure to share it on Social Media and tag us on Instagram at amp_pandora and X (formerly known as Twitter) at pandoraAMP. We wanna hear it and amplify it!

I'm looking forward to learning more about all that jazz 🎷


Chris | Friendly Neighborhood AMP Support
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Hey Chris! 

I have never made a playlist and I don't listen to jazz but I'm always up for learning more music!  Since I tour so much I have a hard time sleeping whether on a bus or hotel room so I decided to create Pandora "Jazz Relax, Wind Down and Sleep playlist.  Only 7 songs so far, but I will add more. I did add several audio sections.  There are some great Jazz "bedtime" songs out there.  Here is the link.


This is fantastic @toddsmith! You really nailed the 'wind down' aspect of this playlist and I appreciate the insightful Artist Audio Messages. It was cool learning the story behind "Stars Fell On Alabama", a song I had heard many times before but was unaware of the background. Top notch stuff!

Chris | Friendly Neighborhood AMP Support