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Delete account (no access to old email)

Local Performer

I have an old pandora account that is affiliated with an email I no longer have access to and cannot remember the password.  I would like to delete the account.


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@melony In order to protect privacy and personal data, we are unable to take that action on your behalf.

However, I have made sure to share your feedback regarding this.

We will continue to evaluate this policy against new technologies, business practices, changes in law, and our listeners' needs, and may make changes to the policy accordingly.

I recommend reaching out to your original email provider for further assistance regaining access, or seeing if there is a way to get any messages redirected to your new email address. Hopefully then, you will be able to receive the password reset email for your Pandora account.

Once you regain access, you can then delete your account permanently by following these instructions.

Hope this helps!

Adam | Community Moderator

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