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Error Message: "Are you still listening?"

Local Performer

Is there a way to turn this off or extend it? I have it playing for guests at our condo and sometimes it turns off before they get there 

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Local Performer

Quit stopping the music!!!!!!!!!!!! "Are you still listening" !!!!!!!!!!!!

We just cannot stop working, to click on still listening. This feature is so wrong. Please stop. You are losing a lot of customers do to this. Our office of MANY people quit using your channel because we cannot leave our cubicles to click on "are you still listening".

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Local Performer

I listen to pandora almost all day and night every day. 

Why must they keep asking if I'm still listening? 

Pandora doesn't buy my data package for me, it's not their money, it's mine.

Who cares even if I'm not listening if my music is playing or not. 

And it's usually rite when I'm in the middle of something that I can't stop, so now I get 5-10 minutes without music.

It's really annoying. 


If i need quiet i will pause or close the app

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Local Performer

I like listening to music at night. And if anything happens to it like, I dont like the song, or the music stops… I will wake up immediately just to fix the issue. But this app stops my music and plays a podcast I don’t want to listen to! Sometimes it just stops the music and doesn’t play anything. So at night I will rise from the grave once again because my music stopped. I am now exhausted because of how many times I have to get up. I don’t just put on a song I made a playlist that is 14 hours long with 149 songs!

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