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Military Verification

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Pandora losing customers culminates with SheerID's unfamiliarity with military documents or orders. That part is clear.  Furthermore, I am suspect why SheerID would ask for more and more documentation when I know the information I provided is valid. What are they doing with this information? In a similar context, I find that Pandora is selling my information, but that is another issue I address further below. I was not surprised to find that SheerID, INC received a stellar 1.19 out of 5 stars rating from reviews on the Better Business Bureau website.  No other organization verification system requires so much information or is so difficult. Redacting personal information takes time and our time is money, too. Already going through this process to find what I know to be proper information then redacting impertinent personally sensitive information, and now taking even more time to detail my frustration surpassed what the discount would cover.  The coup de grace, I find that Pandora sells my information and if I do not want it sold, I am obligated to submit a form. Meanwhile, Pandora retains 15 days to continue selling my information before I am opted "out". I understand that automated reconciliation processes to update databases do not execute every second of the day, but 15 days?  I tried the Live Chat and direct contact links provided in a previous post dated April 2020; none of them work. In fact, the Live Chat link provided takes you to a page to which no chat feature is found anywhere.
What rectifies this situation? I requested the Military Premium service rate. I already submitted my documentation. I am not submitting anymore. It is sufficient. I ask for it to be reviewed and if rejected, I want to know why rather than "try again".

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@jbiancalana Sorry to hear the frustration!

I've escalated your case to our support team and someone will be reaching out to provide you with 1:1 assistance via email.

Be on the lookout for a message to the email address associated with your Pandora account.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Adam | Community Moderator

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Local Performer

I just tried to do the same thing. Scanned my retired ID card and VA card. Sent them both and they immediately requested more info. Nope. Pandora won't be getting my business.

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