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Timeout Message appears after a couple of hours on Premium account

Local Performer

My pandora times out after a couple hours and I have to select I am still listening.  This is annoying.  Can this be changed to play as long as I want it to?

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Hi @NGP! Thank for posting, sorry for any trouble.

The timeout message comes up when we detect that you have not interacted with the player for a while. This is in place to avoid playing music to empty rooms and helps reduce our streaming costs.

While it's not possible to change the time limit, it is unusual that it appears only after a couple of hours as a Premium subscriber.

To help further investigate, I've enabled a trace on your account. Can you let me know the make and model of the device you're using when this happens?

The next time this happens, please let me know the time, including timezone and date, I'll take a closer look at what may be happening.


Tanner | Community Moderator

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