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What countries can you get Pandora

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Can you get pandora in the Dominican Republic ?

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@Mistermorrisc78  this is what I was able to find. It is available in the US, Australia, and New Zealand only. Take care and stay safe. 

P.S This is just for the Pandora music service, I did not check for the availability of other services Pandora offers. 

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@Mistermorrisc78 Sadly, we can only legally offer Pandora services to listeners located in the United States at this time.

This applies equally to free and paid accounts, as well as Pandora on all computers and supported devices, including offline.

Audio content streaming regulations differ from country to country, and we are still working on acquiring the proper licenses so we can offer Pandora in even more places around the world.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Adam | Community Moderator

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