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A few ideas

Local Performer

I have a few ideas Pandora might be able to use

1. Broadcasting: how this works we start and thumbs our stations as usual expect this time the station is live and people can tune in and text chat with you either listening to their own stations or yours.

2. Social profile recommendations: have a feature either on the for you page or a separate tab to see recommendations on who to follow, based on your thumbs and be able to text chat with them too! So let's say I've been listening to punk and have a lot of thumbs it will show me recommended people to follow based on same thumbs.

3. Recommended thumb option: when you create a station you are looking for your specific sound especially when it comes to the artist stations correct? But you dont know what to thumb... Add a feature to recommend a thumbs up on a specific song. Like a featured track expect this time it says "recommend thumbs up"

4. Artist facts, touring info: when when bands and artists go on tour and where to purchase tickets either with a ad or on the for you page. Want to know more facts about your favorite bands? Have a band facts option to read while listening to your current song!

5. More discover something new appearances: I love the discover something new on the for you based on recent listening tab I just wish they appear more often or give us recommended artists more often please add along with notifications when possible when we aren't using the app.





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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @ChemicalAsher. 👋

Thanks so much for your suggestions. I love seeing your ideas!

There are a feature existing feature requests that you may be interested in upvoting:

I would also recommend creating feature requests for options you'd like to see Pandora implement to better our service. You can create a feature request here.

To upvote existing ideas, click on the 💙icon next to the title of the request.

Hope to see you around the community space more often! 🎧





Alyssa | Community Manager
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