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Android: Multiple issues when using the app


Is anyone else having these problems? Not being able to pause skip or replay songs without restarting the app. The app just randomly shutting off. The app just randomly starts playing on restart of phone. I pay for this service and lately it been really upsetting me that it isn't working half the time.


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Opening Act

Well, worked for a while, now it still plays after disconnect from BT.

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Local Performer

I'm having the same issues, if I select a song instead of going into auto play it continuesly plays the same song, it also won't let me skip any tracks like it's locked up. Have to close the app and restart, and than it does it again. 

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Local Performer

I am having the exact same issues...

Galaxy A14, Verizon

Version 14

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Local Performer

I've had the same issues and I got a new S24 Ultra 2 weeks ago. Still the same problem. It definitely is our phones. It's definitely something wrong with their bluetooth connectivity. I've stopped using and it still starts in the background by itself. 

Edit* it isn't our phones it's their software issue. Bluetooth is the issue and they need to fix it. I've already switched to another music source, if I check in a month and it is fixed I'm canceling my premium. 

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