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Android: Podcast episodes skip to a different podcast

Local Performer

So the issue I'm encountering is that whenever I'm listening to podcasts (which is what I'm mainly using pandora for), I can't just listen to my saved podcast episodes like a playlist. It keeps going to completely irrelevant podcasts, even when I thumbs down them -they keep playing. Is there anyway that I can have just a playlist of just episodes I want? Because at this point, I'm just going to YouTube. Thanks.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Jbear_09876. 👋

Thanks for posting about your experience with podcasts on Pandora. I've taken a look and I do see that you've collected one podcast on your account so far. 

  • Is this the only one you listen to?
  • Are you searching by podcasts, or filtering by podcasts when you listen to episodes? 
  • Could you share more details about how this occurs? 

I'd like to gain a better understanding so that I can share this with our tech team on your behalf. Based on your message, it sounds like while you're listening to a specific podcast episode, it jumps to a random podcast that you haven't collected or listen to. 

Let me know. 🎧


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Local Performer

Thanks for the reply! So you're definitely on the right track. The problem is two fold namely:

The first part of the problem is that while listening to, for example, that 1 podcast I've collected, it'll have a sudden switch (once an episode ends) to a different podcast that I haven't collected and don't want to listen to.

The other part of the problem is that I keep listening to episodes of that 1 podcast that I've thumb-downed and don't want to listen to, as to say, they "pop up" again after an episode ends even though ive thumb-downed them. Hopefully this makes sense.

Let me know if you need any more clarification. Thank you and have a great day!

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Local Performer

P.S., to explicitly answer your questions:

1. Currently, yes, it is the only podcast I listen to. However, there are 3 episodes from podcasts that I have under "added episodes."

2. I am not regularly searching or filtering by podcasts to listen to episodes. I just tap on either the added episode or the only collected podcast and tap play.

3. As for those specific details, those would be in my other reply. But again, let me know if you need more details 🙂

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