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Android: Queueing Music with Premium


The queue system needs upgrading. It works like a playist that I have to manually start instead of an actual queue as seen in Spotify.

Ex: Sean Kingston is currently playing on "Summer Hits oF the 2000s Radio". I want to listen to "wake me up" by Avicii next so I add it to my queue. When I hit next or Sean Kingston song is over I want "Wake me up" to play next. I want it to interrupt the station and then once "Wake me up" is over for the station to continue playing its playlist like it was never interrupted by my queued song or songs. 

When I hit next "Wake me up" does not play next, instead "Summer Hits of the 2000s Radio" keeps play uninterrupted and plays "over my head" next.  Queued songs should be allowed to interrupt a playlist/ station without having to end session on said playlist or station, because right now the queue feature is just another playist that I can play later when the moods past.  If the queue feature worked like it should Avicii's song "Wake me up" would have played between Sean Kingston song and The Frays song "over my head". 

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Diamond in the Rough

I recently upgraded to Premium and when I first tried queuing while listening to a station, I thought the feature was straight up broken because nothing in my queue would play - the station kept on going with random selections. I went right to submitting a support request and got the same unexpected explanation of how a Pandora queue 'works'. The consensus expectation is clearly that queued songs will play next, and then the station will resume. Adding to the queue should also have a 'play next' option to add the song at the top of the queue. After you fix the queue on the mobile app, bring it over to the desktop application (where the queue function is entirely missing).

The included screenshot shows text that says "lined up to play next", but they don't play next. What purpose is some ephemeral playlist like this supposed to serve? It makes no sense. 


Haha - what's the point of turning the queue on or off when it's always off?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@wisepeppy The songs you queue will not begin to play while you are listening to one of your collected stations.

To start your queue, tap on the first song that is listed, and all content that has been added to your queue will play in the order they were added.

If you'd like to see a way for the queue to work when also listening to your collected stations, I recommend creating a new thread in our Ideas space.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

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