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Android: Starts in Background

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Moderators do not read our concerns or put any effort towards resolution. READ - Pandora automatically starts in background on Android Galaxy S20. None of the setting recommendations stop this annoying bug. I deleted Pandora and am using Spotify now. I have been checking back for a YEAR now and Pandora has done nothing. 

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Same thing was happening to me on my S20. Then I got the S23 Ultra. And for
the first few months it was still doing the same thing! Pandora claimed they
were working on it. It finally stopped a few months ago.
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I keep reading about how pandora has done all these fixes, I am currently 100% up to date on everything and PANDORA STILL STARTS RANDOMLY ON MY PHONE AND DRAINS BATTERY! pandora is a terrible company with no values. Pandora has done nothing that fixed the problem but they lie and say they have fixed it. I've sent my phone information over to pandora 2 times now and that has done nothing. Time to actively quit pandora and recommend that anyone you know quit pandora as well.


Ya, they don't seem too concerned with customer satisfaction. I haven't heard anything from them, so far, and honestly, don't expect to.

A few years ago I contacted them re: inability to edit play lists (which you can't!).  I pestered and pestered them until someone finally responded. It's been a few years, so this isn't an exact quote.  But they basically said that they don't have anyone who works on technical issues.  They just have one department, which is, you guessed it,  billing! 

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I agree and have posted multiple times for these same issues on Google Play reviews, however they (Pandora response team) just keeps sending out "troubleshooting instructions" which I've taken multiple times and also informed. Then they want you to call like your too stupid to do it on your own.


Also, these issues have happened on MY Galaxy S20. Seems to be a connected issue and each time phone is restarted, app. automatically restarts in the background. Each time I launch the app. manually, it tries to freeze/crash during launch. Oftentimes takes several minutes to get Pandora to finally fully launch.


Pandora most likely just doesn't want to send out proper bug fixes/updates to resolve. Sorry, cheap, lazy company team most likely doesn't want people using older devices, either that or their only including fixes/updates in the paid version, thus attempting to force people to PAY for their app. service!

Well, I did a little digging around on their website and discovered the
following: "Sirius XM Radio, Inc. and its subsidiaries, including Pandora

So, are we supposed to believe that Sirius can't throw a couple of their IT
people at the problem? Maybe we should start complaining to them?... just a
thought 😏!