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Android: Thumbing down a song after it played


song came on that was awful (my opinion) went to thumb it down it was already over, looked it up under the search icon, but couldn't thumb it down there. personally I'd like to remove the artist from my whole pandora

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Hi @Badjiujiu

Welcome to community!

To confirm, you wanted to thumb a song that you didn't like but you weren't able to because the song had already finished playing? Let me know if I misunderstood your experience.

If the track has already finished playing in your current listening session, from the Now Playing screen, swipe the album art from the left to right until you see the track you're looking for. From there you should be able to give it a thumb down or a thumb up. 

It's only possible to give thumbs when listening to a station. Thumbs will not be available on playlists, albums or when using search.

Unfortunately, it's currently not a feature to ban an artist or track at this time but there is a suggestion for this feature in our Ideas Board. Feel free to give it a vote, by clicking on the heart - Ideas: Blocking / Muting Artists & Genres 

Hope this helped.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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