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Android: Works on Cellular but Not WiFi

Local Performer

I did all of that. Still no reply of fixing over month. Did the whole turnt off wifi modem and all. But everything else in my home and work doing fine. Please fix soon or no point of me keeping the app. Killing my data on my phone 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @Blackqueen1. 👋

Thanks so much for posting about this on the Pandora Community. I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering this issue.

I do see that you've already been in touch with our support team via email regarding this issue. I can confirm that your feedback and experience was reported to our engineering team on an internal ticket. If you haven't already, you can try these other troubleshooting steps such as clearing the app data to see if it helps: Android Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, I am unable to provide any additional information or a timeline as to when you can expect to see this resolved.  🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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