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Chromecast: Group casting causes "Someone Else is Listening" Error

Local Performer

Sincerely request you rework your multiple listening algorithms. I've been a faithful pandora listener since the very early days and it remains my go-to for music. But since you've implemented a lame algorithm for detecting multiple users listening, I get the notification that someone else is listening all the time.

In particular, if I cast from my phone to a group of google chrome speakers, invariably I will get that notification. Typically, it works for some time and then the algorithm finds there are multiple streams and shuts it down.

Even more annoying is that, once it gets into this state, I must wait some amount of time for your system to time out before I can cast again.

The problem appears to be that the multiple speakers in my chromecast group all appear to be multiple users to pandora. The integration of the pandora app with chromecast is buggy and unreliable at best. Please re-tool this to make it more robust and support the capability of casting to multiple devices. I like to have the same music playing in every room I go into.

I have been working at this problem for months and tried everything I could find online. I'm hoping that posting here will start your developers to look into this problem and find a way to let us continue to enjoy your service.

If you must, please give us a new pricing tier to enable this functionality.


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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Hi @Rayb2001!

Thanks for posting your experience with Chromecast. Sorry to hear this is happening.

While I do not have an immediate resolution to the issues you've described, the information you've provided is helpful and I've made sure to pass this along to our engineering team for further review. 

Thanks again for taking the time to post!

Tanner | Community Moderator

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