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Ghost Notifications

Local Performer

Ever since the March 2020 update my phone notifies me multiple times when a song changes on Pandora. A song will end and the notification goes off, the next song starts and it goes off again, and half the time there's a third notification.

When I go to check there are no notifications displayed on my phone. 

Anyone else having this problem?

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Hey there, @bsurber. 👋

Sorry to hear that is happening. Thanks so much for letting us know.

If you haven't already, please try our basic / advanced troubleshooting steps to see if this helps. 


Also, please provide the following info:

  • Model:
  • Carrier:
  • Android version (Settings > About Phone):
  • Build number (Settings > About Phone):
  • Android Security Patch Level, if noted on your device (Settings > About Phone):
  • Pandora version:
    • If you can open Pandora, go to Profile, then select Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the screen for the version number.
    • If you can't open Pandora: from Android Home screen > Android Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Find Pandora
  • Are you connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data when this is happening?
  • Any other pertinent info you've identified and would like to share?

Feel free to let me know how it goes. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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