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Pandora keeps pausing and playing

Local Performer
Pandora keeps pausing and playing and pausing and playing keeps doing that over and over. It's saying something went wrong with your account. And gave me site. I'd email to dem too. Still waiting for there email me back.
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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Ka1 I moved your post to the Android space as it sounds like this is the device you are using when that error message appears.

I do see you have an open case with our support team regarding this issue.

Please keep an eye out for their email reply, and they will be happy to look into this further with you.

In the meantime, it may help to run through the troubleshooting steps listed on our help page.

Thanks for your patience.

Local Performer

Hi. I'd check Pandora out. It still does that. Pausing and playing and pausing it shut off on it own. I'd thought this was Pandora free listing music. Plus I don't have any money m broke and I'd don't have bank account. Not do I have no five dollars.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Ka1. 👋

I'm very sorry for the trouble during your listening sessions. To clarify, you should be able to listener whether you have a free or paid account. 

I'll need to report this issue to our engineers. Could you tell me a bit more so that I can provide the information to them?

It's helpful to know:

• Your device model:
• Carrier:
• Android version (Settings > About Phone):
• Build number (Settings > About Phone):
• Android Security Patch Level, if noted on your device (Settings > About Phone):
• Pandora version

Thanks for your help with this! 📲

Alyssa | Community Manager
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