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Thumbed Up Songs Not Playing on Thumbprint Radio

Local Performer

My new thumbed up songs are not posting to my thumbs up station. Please help!! Tried wifi connection vs data, restarting the app....


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @OceanBounty. 👋

I've taken a look, and the Pandora account associated with your Pandora Community profile doesn't have any stations right now. Looks like you may be using a different account when this happens. 

Based on your message, it sounds like you're giving a Thumbs Up to songs on a normal station but they aren't showing up on your My Thumbprint Radio.

Thumbs are station-specific, so a track that you've thumbed up on another station won't show as thumbed up on Thumbprint Radio automatically. If you've thumbed up the track before, a small notification will appear to show you when and on what station you did so.

Be sure to thumb freely on Thumbprint Radio; this will help us learn which thumbs you want to hear more of, and which you aren't interested in anymore.

Thumbing a track up or down on Thumbprint Radio won't affect its thumb rating elsewhere. Just like your other stations, if you thumb it up, you'll hear more tracks like that, and if you thumb it down, it won't play again on Thumbprint Radio, but will remain thumbed up on the original station.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if you need further assistance with this. 🎧


Alyssa | Community Manager
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