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Thumbprint radio station doesn't load

Local Performer
  • When I try to play thumbprint radio it never load, it sits with the circle spinning like it's trying to load but never does 
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @Lee86. 👋

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble with your Thumbprint Radio.

Are you noticing any error messages? If so, what exactly does it say?


Trace + Troubleshooting:

In the meantime, I’ve enabled a trace on your Pandora account. For this trace to be useful, we’ll need you to run through our troubleshooting steps below. This will be helpful in case we need to escalate / report this issue to our engineering team.

From your Android Settings, please try clearing the Pandora app data using the following steps (not to worry, we'll keep track of your profile and collection for you):*

  1. Open your device Settings
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Scroll down to find Pandora
  4. Select Storage
  5. On the storage details page tap Clear Data.

Keep in mind that the steps for each Android device is slightly different. If you have a Pixel, you can find helpful steps here.

*Pandora Premium and Premium Family listeners may need to re-download some of their offline content after this. Pandora Plus users, however, should receive that offline content again automatically. If you have any trouble with your offline stations after this, please let us know.

Please note that you will be asked to log into your account after completing these steps. I look forward to hearing back! 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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