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Unable to Shuffle Collected Songs or Stations / Skipping

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Every time I try to shuffle songs or my stations on my Chromebook, I get an error message saying that its being worked on. This message has been appearing for a month now. What is the issue??? 

Also, when I am letting my app play songs on it on, it skips songs without me prompting it to. This is when I listen to it on my phone, a Samsung Galaxy S20. Why does the app skips songs on it's own? 

I have other issues with the app, but I will leave it to these 2 issues for now.


Moderator Edit: Changed title for clarity

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Hi @SeanBe! Welcome to community! 

I moved your message to our Android support board since you mentioned being on a Samsung Galaxy, this helps keep things organized.

Are you able to take a screenshot of the error message when you try and shuffle for me? I'll take a closer look. 

As for the skipping, I'd like to start with some troubleshooting. I've asked our User Support team to enable a trace on your account. This trace helps can help determine what may be happening.  

From your Android Settings, please try clearing the Pandora app data using the following steps:*
*Please note, Pandora Premium and Premium Family listeners may need to re-download some of their offline content after this. If you have any trouble with your offline stations after this, let me know.
  1. Open your device Settings
  2. Tap Apps
  3. Scroll down to find Pandora
  4. Select Storage
  5. On the storage details page tap Clear Data.

You will be asked to log into your account after completing these steps. Let me know how it goes. 


Tanner | Community Moderator

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