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2020 Chevrolet Tahoe Mylink Pandora App

Local Performer

I'm working on a customers 2020 Tahoe. When using the customers Pandora login on the GM radio app the message "network unavailable, please try again later" will appear. If I use my login or the service advisors login, Pandora will load and play music. The customers profile will work with my phone and on my computer but not on the vehicle app. I get the same results when using a 2017 Silverado, the customer profile will not work. Is there a setting in the customers profile that would cause this?

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Hi @GMTech

I haven't heard of this before and don't believe there is any setting on a profile that would cause this  specific error on our end. Unfortunately, without more info I'm not able to take a closer look. Our User Support team would be happy to investigate further, however, the customer would need to reach out to us directly. 

They can email User Support directly from here


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