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Android PX5 Stereo - Pandora No Longer Works

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I have an android stereo PX5 running android 10 the app worked for months on the unit no problem not I’ve had uninstalled reinstalled cleared memory tried with or without Wi-Fi connection and still only loads from the gray P to the colored P and won’t do anything else I believe the version number of pandora in the lower left hand corner is 2018.1.1

Correction lower right hand corner of the screen 

mod edit: format and title for clarity
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Hi @Rayjc1005! Thanks for posting.

I've enabled a trace on your account to help me investigate. Can you do me a favor and please take a picture of what you're seeing when you try to listen to Pandora on your stereo.

Could you also let me know the following:

  1. Is your device equipped with Android Auto?
  2. How are you connected to your car? (Bluetooth or USB)
  3. What is the make and model of your mobile device?


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