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Android: Unable to connect Pandora in various vehicles after 2208.1


Pandora Update: 10/6/22

I'd like to again thank everyone for posting their trouble with connecting Android devices to Pandora in the car. We understand how frustrating this experience can be and wanted you to know that we're working hard to resolve this issue.

If you're new to this thread and experience an issue connecting to Pandora with your Android, feel free to post. Your information will be passed along to our engineering ticket.

Updates will continue to be posted in this thread as they are given to the Community Team.

In the meantime, these steps may help to connect to your vehicle:

  • First, make sure your phone is not connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth.
  • Then, launch Pandora on your phone before starting you car.
  • Once Pandora is playing, then connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth.

Thank you all for your continued patience.

Use your mobile device only when conditions allow and as permitted by applicable law.

Pandora Update: 9/20/22

Hi everyone! Thanks for posting your experience to community.

Since many of you are having trouble on various Android phones and in different vehicles I've gone ahead and merged all related posts into one thread to help stay organized with updates and information.

If you're new to this thread, please note that this is for Android users who are unable to connect to Pandora in their vehicle or in-vehicle device with version 2208.1 or later.

An internal ticket has been created and our engineering teams are investigating. Updates will be made in this thread as they are made available to us.

We appreciate your continued patience while we look into this.

Use your mobile device only when conditions allow and as permitted by applicable law.

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I never tried any of the retroactive software installs since my Android lost connection to my 2014 Chev last Sept. Then, in December,  it started working as usual. Maybe it had to do with the GM sunset of 2G service (the valued parts of OnStar went away for 2014 and older vehicles) in December?Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone
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My 2014 Silverado is one that stopped working last year. It recently started working again, too. I'm not sure what fixed it. My phone provider updated me to Android 12, and like you said about the 2G. Before, I couldn't get the Pandora auto start to work in my truck but now that works, too.

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I have a 2014 GMC Sierra. With my previous Motorola Android phone Pandora worked beautifully. I upgraded to the Moto G power because I needed more memory but now I can't get any sound for my tunes. The artist and info show up as if it's playing but no sound. Radio works fine etc. 

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Broken again after latest Android update

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I have a 2015 Honda CRV AWD Touring and an Android Samsung S9+ Android 10 phone which all of a sudden (a while back) quit letting me connect to the Pandora connection on my Honda. I liked that feature because it allowed me to switch channels in Pandora on the vehicle screen without picking up my phone. After reading some messages and playing around with my Samsung S9+ phone, I came up with this solution.

Apparently the Pandora Phone app update of 2208.8.1 (I think) broke the compatibility with communications between the phone and vehicle of the some of the older vehicles. I am just guessing here but I think Pandora programmers adding new functionality to newer cars with Android Auto may have been the reasoning behind this. Anyway the solution that worked for me is to ROLL back the phone app to the 2205.1.1 version to restore communications compatibility and lock that app on that version by turning off the auto update function of that app only on your Android phone. Step by step here is what I did.

Step 1: On phone open Play Store, click your profile pic in the upper right corner, click Manage Apps and Device, Click the Manage Tab at top, find Pandora App in the list and select it, click the three dot menu at top right, uncheck Enable Auto Update, this setting will be saved nd Pandora ONLY will no longer update. Close everything on phone.

Step 2: On phone open Settings GearBox, then Apps, then Pandora, in lower right corner click Force Stop, then Uninstall.

Step 3: On Computer or Phone, download the following file. You can do this on your computer then put it on your phone or search "Android Pandora 2205.1.1 APK" and download on your phone, either way should work.

Step 4: On phone click on the APK file or install using the phones installer, just get the APK file installed on your phone. If it complains that it can't install app from that location, takes whatever steps necessary to allow the installation. I installed this exact file and my phones virus scanner said it was clean and it works just like I'm used to it working again.

Step 5: Final step. On phone open Pandora, enter your account info. Then click on your profile in Pandora, then the settings gearbox in Pandora, scroll to the bottom and check version should be 2205.1.1. You might go back to Step 1 just to check that Auto Update of Pandora is still UNCHECKED so it won't do this again.

Have fun and drive safe😀
Robert W Harper😊

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You are the MAN! Thank you! I did just about everything I could think of but pull my **ahem** radio out of my car, or buy a new one (car that is). You saved me!

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I just switched back from a galaxy 13 where pandora played flawlessly.  Switching back to an A11 I get the "Pandora error please check connected device"

Pandora app plays fine on the phone but wont connect.

Vehicle I 2015 Chevy Colorado

Padora 2304.1



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