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Automotive: Enable Launch From Car feature

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Anytime I connect my android phone to my head unit and a song plays it also downloads to my phone. It does not do this when I play to my Bluetooth headphones, or speakers. How do I stop this? 

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Hi @Rclksr! Welcome to community.

I checked the Pandora account associated with your community profile and see that you are free ad-supported subscriber. The option to download content for offline listening is only available to Plus or Premium subscribers.

Can you share a screenshot of what the download looks like?

If you mean that playback begins when you connect to your vehicle I would check to see if the Enable Launch From Car under Settings has been disabled.

You can find feature by tapping on Profile

  • Tap Settings (the gear icon in the top right)
  • Tap Advanced
  • Scroll down to Bluetooth Devices
  • Toggle off Enable Launch From Car

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