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CarPlay: Unable to filter by Artist

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I'm brand new to Pandora and just signed up for Premium.

I loaded up "My Collections" with multiple artists and albums.

On my computer and Iphone everything if fine, but when i plug into Apple Carplay in my car and go to "sort by", there's no option to sort by artist, only album and song.

I've tried several troubleshooting steps but cant solve this. This is a dealbreaker, I can't cycle through 100's of albums to find the one i want.

Can anyone help? thanks

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I've just found another problem with Pandora Carplay.

I'm searching My Collection by album because there's no sort by artist option on Carplay for some reason.

When i'm driving 99% of My Collection disappears from the infotainment screen and when i stop it comes back.

Why is Pandora trying to force me to look at my phone to select an album WHILE I'M DRIVING?

I've only had the premium trial for a few days now and i'm already ready to cancel.

Can someone from Pandora please help me?


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Well, no one from Pandora support is responding and i cant figure out why Pandora is so broken on Carplay.

Don't bother responding now, I'm cancelling my trial and won't be checking this thread again. Bye pandora

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Hi @xrage 

Welcome to community!

Sorry for any trouble. Unfortunately, the ability to filter by Artist is not currently a feature within CarPlay at this time.

Additionally, certain features, may be unavailable while the vehicle is in motion, such as Search. If you're not seeing all the content available from your My Collection, CarPlay imposed a limitation of 25-30 viewable Stations or Playlists.

For those stations or playlists that are not viewable through the UI, we recommend using Siri voice commands to request that content.

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